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The date for Flix-in-the Six screening of'Christopher Robin'published in the magazine and here on the website is WRONG!!

It should read the 4th NOT 14thThis Saturday!

Apologies and red faces all round!Wendy

Events at St. Mary's Church
Your Church Council is trying to organise some interesting events over the next few months, watch this space for more details!
In August a free of charge activity, especially suitable for  accompanied under 11's , Coffee, Cake and Colouring is taking place in your church on August 6th, 13th and 20th from 11am - midday. Please come along either individually or with a young person to have a coffee and some cake and/or undertake some colouring activities, Lego, stories etc. This is a new holiday activity and it would be great to get some support from our parishes. 
Our annual  Holkham fundraising stall is on Thursday 23rd August.  This is our big fund-raiser of the year and we really need YOUR help. Please can you make some fairy cakes? Offer a tombola prize? Perhaps you have some books you could donate? We would be grateful for the donation of a bottle of wine, maybe you have one lurking in a cupboard?
A real eye-opening talk is being held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 18th September at 7pm. Come and find out what lurks under your shed, in your garden or in your barns. 'Vermin with Vino' will enable you to find our more whilst enjoying a glass of wine and some nibbles all for £5. Should be an interesting and different evening. Please support our efforts to something different and new!
We will be organising an afternoon Harvest Service with afternoon tea after harvest is finished, more information to follow - watch this space. This was very well received last year and everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.
On 12th September, we have invited some parishioners, who have previously suggested some activities or events that could be organised for the church, to come to an informal meeting for a chat and a bit of brainstorming. If you would like to put a comment forward for consideration and discussion, please let me know.
Please always remember that if you are feeling a bit down or lonely or if you are new to the village and fancy a chat about what is happening at your church, your P.C.C. is here to talk to you. 
Please call me for tickets for any of the above, collection for the Holkham stall or for more information. Mary Osborne P.C.C. Secretary 01328 700248

New Parish Councillor: We welcome Alan Corrigan to the council.  
Highways: The majority of the potholes are now filled.  However, there are continuing problems with the drains becoming blocked again by soil/debris at the T-junction of the Fakenham and Mileham roads.
We are also monitoring the proposed commitments by land owners to help prevent any future flooding in Church Lane.  
Millennium Green: Rolling and part re-seeding works will be done this autumn.  We are looking into the feasibility of a proper recycling bin for the green.
Improving access to the fruit trees in the orchard and hedge repairs are ongoing. Later this year, hedge cutting will be undertaken.  Please contact Dick or Jeff if you would to like to be part of the team!! 
Website: A parishioner asked for the village website address to be put in the Church & Village, it is in fact
at the top of the Tittleshall section. Julia, the Editor, is working on a new website with a larger capacity. 
Clerks Salary: It was agreed to increase his salary in line within the salary band.  
Emergency Plan: This is being slimmed down to make it a simpler and more effective or the parish.  
Burglaries: There have been a number of burglaries in Tittleshall and surrounding villages. Please take extra care and be vigilant.  Report anything suspicious to the police. It is also important to obtain a licence number if you think a vehicle may also be involved.
Next meeting is on Tuesday 4th September at 7.30 pm, Tittleshall Village Hall
Dick Thompson: 01328-702222/


1st   Prize    Shirley Peeling
2nd  Prize    Muriel Harmer
3rd   Prize    Andrew  Bird
Mike Colman

Just a reminder, anyone interested in joining the TPC should please let the Chairman Dick Thompson or one of the other councillors know as early as possible.

GDPR: To clarify the Chairman’s notes printed in the June edition; the Parish Council is no longer required to have a Data Protection Officer.  
However, the PC still needs to comply with the General Data Protection Act in all other respects.

June 100 Club Winners  
1st Prize       J. Garner
2nd Prize       S. Currell
3rd Prize       J. Blackwell

A THANK YOU FROM THE CHAPEL On behalf of the Chapel, I would like to thank all those who came to our Soup Lunch on 21 March and made it a great success.  We made the amazing sum of £300 for Chapel funds. Thanks also go to the soup and dessert-makers, the producer of the menus and those who laid tables and washed up, without whose help it wouldn’t have been possible. Hope you can join us next year. Ailsa Warburton(Steward)

March 100 club winners
1st  prize      B.  Duggan
2nd  prize      R.  Morling
3rd  prize      M.  Riley


A new Ukulele group is starting from Monday 9th April in Tittleshall Village Hall aimed at beginners. This group is associated with the Litcham based 'Village Uke-a-holics' and at the moment will be about 6 in number.
Once you have the basics under your belt you will be most welcome to join this more advanced group on Tuesday evenings.
There will be occasions when you will have the opportunity to play with this group at their concerts.
Lessons are FREE all I ask is that you cover the cost of the hall between you  (£20).
For more details please contact Julia Bloomfield 013280701178 or email me at

Although the church is insured the financial excess that we will need to find to pay for the storm damage to the roof is £1,000.  And to repair the front wall, which is in a dangerous state of collapse, will cost in excess of £8,500.  To run the church every year costs over £6,500.
The parishioners attending the services are (on average) 3 people; the statistics do not add up and we desperately need YOUR support.
We have some ideas.  The Harvest Service with afternoon tea was a much appreciated event.  We would like to provide more short services with tea and lunch included as a service to the community, but we need the support of the village to do this.
We would like to consider using the church as a concert venue, and would welcome your views about this idea.
If you care about the future of the beautiful St Mary’s do get in touch.  You do not have to be religious, it may just be that you value this building which has been a part of the village for many hundreds of years.
It would be very welcome if people who have skills in catering, fundraising, or grant applications could get in touch or who just have ideas that would help us.  Call me (Mary Osbourne - 01328 700248) or come to the Spring Service and have a chat. Alternatively contact Heather Butcher at
or Sara Foster at

Next walk Saturday 28th April
Sheringham Park to see the spring flowers

Aspiring writers wanted!
A small group who meet regularly to encourage and support local writers are reforming.
If you have the desire to write and would like to join a friendly, social gathering with a similar interest, please ring 07842 489 963 for more information.
Complete beginners welcome.


November 100 Club Winners
              1st Prize      B.Clarke
              2nd Prize     S. Drinkwater
              3rd Prize      A.Clayden
Mike Coleman


We are currently updating our village emergency plan with regard to who can help.
Emergencies can catch us unawares.
A car crash in the heart of the village, heavy snow as we saw only 5 or 6 years ago, any extreme weather or flooding, a plane or helicopter crash, may all seem very unlikely, but they can and do happen.
So it’s vital to be prepared.
We know what we need to do, but we also need your support. For example, we need to know who can provide practical help with equipment such as generators, and who might provide first aid. Or you might be good at organising on the day.
I envisage meetings only taking up your time once a year.  If you can offer any support, or you would like to know more, please contact:
Lynn Kilbey on 01328 700794 or email: or
Sue Lane on 01328 700952 or email:



  1. I can’t sing (although I love singing)
  2. I can’t read music
  3. I can’t afford it
  4. I don’t think I’ve got the lungs for singing
  5. I think I might be overwhelmed by posh music

If you think that any or all of the above apply to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Tittleshall Ladies’ Male Voice Choir.  We meet at 7pm on Wednesday nights at Tittleshall Village Hall for two hours of fun, laughter, and singing for well-being. (Oh, and did I forget to mention the break for fresh tea, coffee and cake?)
A warm welcome waits for you at a free taster session, please contact me, Sue Lane, on 01328 700952.

Our pavements and trods are surprisingly well used by dog walkers, residents of Courtenay House, children and families out for a stroll. When hedges and brambles impede the use of our pavements (which are often very narrow in the first place) it’s not always practical or even safe to cross over to the other side.
For the sake of safety, please keep hedges well-maintained.
Sue Lane


Please recycle used glass and textiles and earn money for our village!
There are two containers in a bay next to the church. Recycling here instead of in your black bin is a way to generate income to support village projects.The company emptying the bins pay for recyclable material and this money can be used by the Parish Council for the benefit of us all, for example by purchasing sports equipment or replacing damaged items.
With grateful thanks from your Parish Council.

Do you know a mobile library stops at two places in Tittleshall every month?

This is a Norfolk County Council service available to all residents and it is free!
You have the opportunity to borrow books for adults and children, DVDs, audio books and also reserve books online and pick them up from the bus when it comes.
The bus stops first in Peakhall Road and then Blenheim Crescent.
If you are not a member of the library, you can join when you first visit the bus and only need some identification. It is a quick and easy way to get hold of reading material – especially if you are not able to get into town.
When? Dates for the next 5 months: 5th June, 19th June, 17th July, 14th August, 11th September.
What time? 10 minutes from 13:45 at Peakhall Road and 15 minutes from 14:00 at Blenheim Crescent.

U-blog Times
Unfortunately, due to rising costs, there will be no further editions of our village magazine. A big thank you to Wendy Seale for producing it over the past few years.

Easy Fundraising
Did you know that whenever you buy anything online you could be collecting free donations for Tittleshall Village Hall? There no catch, it doesn't cost you a penny. Click here for more details... 

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