Fakenham Rd Tittleshal
Fakenham Rd Tittleshal

Tittleshall is an ancient settlement in the heart of the West Norfolk which is now a compact village of 350 inhabitants who acknowledge its rich past and embrace the many challenges of the future.

It is a thriving village with with an Village Hall where a host of clubs and societies meet and where the Village cinema is based.
There is also a Bowls Club, a walking group and a choir that gives regular performances at the church and local towns and villages.
The Millennium Green has a children's play area.

It is a responsible, inclusive and aspirational community, where residents aim both to support their neighbours and also address wider concerns.

Census Description
Tittleshall-cum-Godwick form one parish, with a well built village of the former, pleasantly situated 6 miles South by Southwest of Fakenham.
The parish contains 615 inhabitants, 124 houses, and 3,360 acres of land, including about 300acres of woods and wastes, nearly all the property of the Earl of Leicester.

The 1851 Census - The peak of Tittleshall's Victorian Age?