March 100 club winners
1st  prize      B.  Duggan
2nd  prize      R.  Morling
3rd  prize      M.  Riley

Chairman's March 2018

If you have any problems, please let us know because we will do our very best to help you.  You can find our details on or come long to our next meeting.  If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor, please contact any one of us.
Highways:  We are still waiting for replies concerning the various problems within the parish (not least past and potential flooding along Church Lane), but rest assured that finding solutions continues to be our priority.  In the meantime, should there be an emergency, please contact Lynn Kilbey on 700794 or
World War I Beacon, 11th November 2018:  A date for your diary, we will be celebrating the centenary of the end of WWI on 11th November. Music, food and drink are on the menu, following the lighting of the beacon.  We’ll let you have details as soon as possible.
Millennium Green: We’re hoping that we get some drier weather soon so that we can make a start on improvements to the green.  We’ve also awarded the grass-cutting contract to BB Garden Services.
Footpaths: As well as organising walks around the village, Pat and Dieter: Janning monitor the condition of our footpaths.  If you notice any new problems, please let us know.
Annual Parish Meeting - Monday 23rd April 7:30pm
As you may know, every year we hold this meeting at the village hall. It’s a time to get together and find out about all of the village organisations. Everybody’s invited to join us and share a glass or two of wine.
Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 1st May at 7.30pm. 
Sue Lane, Tel: 01328 700952 or email:

Although the church is insured the financial excess that we will need to find to pay for the storm damage to the roof is £1,000.  And to repair the front wall, which is in a dangerous state of collapse, will cost in excess of £8,500.  To run the church every year costs over £6,500.
The parishioners attending the services are (on average) 3 people; the statistics do not add up and we desperately need YOUR support.
We have some ideas.  The Harvest Service with afternoon tea was a much appreciated event.  We would like to provide more short services with tea and lunch included as a service to the community, but we need the support of the village to do this.
We would like to consider using the church as a concert venue, and would welcome your views about this idea.
If you care about the future of the beautiful St Mary’s do get in touch.  You do not have to be religious, it may just be that you value this building which has been a part of the village for many hundreds of years.
It would be very welcome if people who have skills in catering, fundraising, or grant applications could get in touch or who just have ideas that would help us.  Call me (Mary Osbourne - 01328 700248) or come to the Spring Service and have a chat. Alternatively contact Heather Butcher at
or Sara Foster at

Valentine's Fayre
Thank you to all who supported us on 17th February.  With your support we  raised  in excess of £200.

Next walk Saturday 28th April
Sheringham Park to see the spring flowers

Aspiring writers wanted!
A small group who meet regularly to encourage and support local writers are reforming.
If you have the desire to write and would like to join a friendly, social gathering with a similar interest, please ring 07842 489 963 for more information.
Complete beginners welcome.

Chairman’s Notes – December 2017
If there are issues you would like to raise that concern Tittleshall please contact one of the parish councillors. You can find our details on the village website - You will also be very welcome at our meetings, which are the first Tuesday of every other month at 7:30pm. Part of the evening is set-aside for you to raise any concerns.
Footpaths: If you note any new problems on the footpaths, please contact either Pat Janning or myself so that we can report to the footpaths officer at Norfolk County Council.
Village Website: If you want to tell us about an event you can reach us via the Parish Council Pages of this website.
Highways: I am very pleased that most of the potholes on our roads have now been repaired. You may have noticed the small hole which has recently appeared in the High Street. Norfolk County Council’s Highways Engineer is aware of this, as well as flooding at the junction of Mileham and Fakenham Roads, and the standing water at Blenheim Crescent. He will be reporting on all of these issues. He also assured us that the trods will be reinstated or repaired next year. Should you notice any new problems, please let us know so that we can report them straight away.
Speeding: We have agreed to buy traffic calming gates for the Fakenham Road. Drones: There are restrictions with regard to flying drones over highways and private properties. If you are being bothered by one of them, please inform the police with dates and times.
Courtenay House: We have all been shocked and dismayed by the news of the impending closure of Courtenay House.  We discussed it at our meeting, but it was confirmed that we are unable to help.  However, our NCC councillor, Mark Kiddle-Morris, did assure us that residents are being found alternative places, and that Norfolk County Council take seriously their ultimate responsibility for that process.
Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on Monday 8th January 2018 at 7.30pm.  Please note that this meeting falls on a Monday rather than the usual Tuesday. Sue Lane, Tel: 01328 700952 or email me at

November 100 Club Winners
              1st Prize      B.Clarke
              2nd Prize     S. Drinkwater
              3rd Prize      A.Clayden
Mike Coleman


We are currently updating our village emergency plan with regard to who can help.

Emergencies can catch us unawares.
A car crash in the heart of the village, heavy snow as we saw only 5 or 6 years ago, any extreme weather or flooding, a plane or helicopter crash, may all seem very unlikely, but they can and do happen.
So it’s vital to be prepared.

We know what we need to do, but we also need your support. For example, we need to know who can provide practical help with equipment such as generators, and who might provide first aid. Or you might be good at organising on the day.
I envisage meetings only taking up your time once a year.  If you can offer any support, or you would like to know more, please contact:
Lynn Kilbey on 01328 700794 or email: or
Sue Lane on 01328 700952 or email:

Village Hall Tidy Up - A Thank You
On Saturday the 19th of August a merry group of volunteers met at the village hall  to paint the fencing, clear a piece of land next to the hall,which was hugely overgrown and needed some serious weeding to enable the flowers and shrubs that were planted to flourish and blossom. To also cut back overhanging trees and to generally smarten up the hall surrounds.
All this was undertaken with much chat and laughter and a half time break for tea, coffee and cake helped sustain the energy levels.
To Arthur Drinkwater, Justin Juby, Jeff Blackwell, Barbara McGoun, Kay Gingell, Phillipa Harrison,
Michael Colman, Dick Thompson, Ray Green, Hans Alphonso, Dieter Janning A BIG THANK YOU.
Wendy Seale, Chair of the Village Hall Committee

Congratulations Backstreet Boys Plus 2!
Winners of the annual Tittleshall Village Quiz held on Saturday 16 th September at the Village Hall. An engraved trophy on it’s way!
Heads and Tails winners was Emma and Peter, Raffle winners Arthur and Mary.  A fun evening was had by all – thank you for your support, £140 raised for the Village Hall Roof Fund.
Who will be the challengers next year for the coveted trophy?? 


  1. I can’t sing (although I love singing)
  2. I can’t read music
  3. I can’t afford it
  4. I don’t think I’ve got the lungs for singing
  5. I think I might be overwhelmed by posh music

If you think that any or all of the above apply to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Tittleshall Ladies’ Male Voice Choir.  We meet at 7pm on Wednesday nights at Tittleshall Village Hall for two hours of fun, laughter, and singing for well-being. (Oh, and did I forget to mention the break for fresh tea, coffee and cake?)
A warm welcome waits for you at a free taster session, please contact me, Sue Lane, on 01328 700952.

Our pavements and trods are surprisingly well used by dog walkers, residents of Courtenay House, children and families out for a stroll. When hedges and brambles impede the use of our pavements (which are often very narrow in the first place) it’s not always practical or even safe to cross over to the other side.
For the sake of safety, please keep hedges well-maintained.
Sue Lane

The marker posts of life - Birth, Marriage and Death are traditionally signified with time honoured and beautiful ceremony.  One such occasion recently, was the funeral of Tittleshall farmer, John Murton just after Easter, in the parish church of St Mary.  The very full church indicated the respect with which John was held.  The dignified ceremony conducted by the Rector, Heather Butcher included those memorable hymns with fine singable tunes which generations of villagers knew almost by heart.  They were the songs of hope and conviction with ‘Blessed Assurance’ and ‘Oh Perfect Love’.
The service began with ‘Morning has Broken’ which reflected the song of the blackbird which Nancy, his widow noted may have been the last sound John heard as he lay in his bed.  The concluding hymn, ‘Tell out my Soul’ was sung with all possible relish as the organ competed with the full throated friends of John Murton.
Following the service donations amounting to £310 were made to St Mary’s Church
Nicholas Hills

Please recycle used glass and textiles and earn money for our village!
There are two containers in a bay next to the church. Recycling here instead of in your black bin is a way to generate income to support village projects.The company emptying the bins pay for recyclable material and this money can be used by the Parish Council for the benefit of us all, for example by purchasing sports equipment or replacing damaged items.
With grateful thanks from your Parish Council.

Do you know a mobile library stops at two places in Tittleshall every month?

This is a Norfolk County Council service available to all residents and it is free!
You have the opportunity to borrow books for adults and children, DVDs, audio books and also reserve books online and pick them up from the bus when it comes.
The bus stops first in Peakhall Road and then Blenheim Crescent.
If you are not a member of the library, you can join when you first visit the bus and only need some identification. It is a quick and easy way to get hold of reading material – especially if you are not able to get into town.
When? Dates for the next 5 months: 5th June, 19th June, 17th July, 14th August, 11th September.
What time? 10 minutes from 13:45 at Peakhall Road and 15 minutes from 14:00 at Blenheim Crescent.

U-blog Times
Unfortunately, due to rising costs, there will be no further editions of our village magazine. A big thank you to Wendy Seale for producing it over the past few years.

Easy Fundraising
Did you know that whenever you buy anything online you could be collecting free donations for Tittleshall Village Hall? There no catch, it doesn't cost you a penny. Click here for more details... 

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